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SMPS Chapter President of the Year Award

The SMPS Chapter President of the Year (CPY) Award recognizes an SMPS chapter president who has demonstrated excellence in leadership while serving the chapter and its members.

The Call for Nominations for the 2024 SMPS Chapter President of the Year Award is now open.

To be eligible, the candidate must have served as president for the 2022–2023 program year.
All nominations must be made by a current SMPS member. “Self-nominations” are accepted as well.
There is no fee to enter.

September 1, 2022–August 31, 2023.

2024 CPY Submission Criteria

Deadline March 29, 2024.

2024 Application and PDF submission must be submitted to smps.org/cpyentry

Nominees will be notified of their application status by May 1, 2024.*

Contact Molly Dall’Erta, Director of Member Recognition and Programs, molly@smps.org.

*Notification date subject to change.

Congratulations Janki DePalma, CPSM, LEED AP
Past-President, SMPS Austin 

Congratulations Janki DePalma on receiving the 2023 Chapter President of the Year Award.
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Chapter President of Year Award Recipients* 1993-2022

1993 Ruth Higley, SMPS Nashville
1994 Stephanie S. Craft, CPSM, SMPS Utah
1995 Craig E. Park, FSMPS, SMPS San Francisco
1996 Trisha Clark, SMPS San Diego
1997 Sammi Reeves, SMPS Los Angeles
1998 Sally Handley, FSMPS, CPSM, SMPS New York
1999 Mary Ellen Graham, SMPS Toledo
2000 Carolyn Ferguson, FSMPS, CPSM, SMPS Houston
2001 Melissa McLaughlin, SMPS Georgia
2002 Dana Duran, SMPS Oklahoma
2003 Scott Milder, CPSM, SMPS Dallas/Ft. Worth
2005 Stephanie S. Craft, CPSM, SMPS Sacramento
2006 Ann Seibert, CPSM, SMPS Arizona
2007 CO-WINNERS: Tiffany A. Posey, CPSM, SMPS Atlanta and Anne Crowe Kroger, CPSM, SMPS Maine
2008 Melissa D. Lewis, CPSM, SMPS San Antonio
2009 Mark Tawara, FSMPS, CPSM, SMPS Hawaii
2010 *
2011 Alison A. Carney, CPSM, SMPS Washington DC
2012 Alethea C. O’Dell, CPSM, SMPS San Francisco
2013 Kathryn A. Mullaney, CPSM, SMPS Chicago
2014 Andrea Story, CPSM, SMPS Alaska
2015 Ben Sawa, SMPS Boston
2016 Tiana Young, CPSM, SMPS Twin Cities
2018 Amanda Erickson, SMPS Seattle
2019 Rachael Frohardt, CPSM, SMPS Central Florida
2020 Michelle Erste, CPSM, SMPS Atlanta
2021 CO-WINNERS: Katherine DeMercurio, SMPS New York & Nichole Petersen, SMPS Connecticut
2022 Jen McGovern, CPSM, SMPS Washington DC
*not awarded every year